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Don't be startled if you test it without oxygen tubes, It is Very noisy! If it craps out anytime soon, I'll update the review. I'll definitely get a few more for my other tanks. Pay a bit more but the quality is worth it. This pump cost a bit more than the small quite ones but is way more powerful. For now, I'd say I would gladly buy another. Don't be startled if you test it without oxygen tubes, It is Very noisy!

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I can't hear them at all.

We can hear the tank bubbles, but nothing noisy from the pumps at all. A white tail deer can hear a whisper 75 yards away! Hardly noticeable that it is running for an aquarium air pump. I knew I had to try something else. It could easily run a small fish room. If that is true-then no wonder this is pretty quiet! And check the filter often, at least every two- 3 weeks.

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  • hygger D-HG-949 Features & Specs
  • 【Powerful Air Pump】Hygger oxygen pump has stable performance, sufficient oxygen supply, uniform air bubbles, 50GPH flow rate, small body with big airflow, strong airflow to provide sufficient oxygen for fish, suitable for 1 to 35 gallons fish tank for saltwater and freshwater.
  • 【Comprehensively Compatible】Small air pump can be used for various types of air stones, such as nano bubble stone, etc; sponge filter, such as a single sponge, small size double sponge, etc.; fish tank oxygen bubble decorations; and use for the other types.
  • 【Quiet and Convenient】Humanized hanging hole design can save table space and hang on the wall or fish tank. Fish tank air pump can also be placed on the table, with 4 soft anti-vibration feet, which can absorb sound more effectively, reduce air pump friction and lower noise.
  • 【Ideal Choice】High quality material composition, durable, 1W low power consumption. Mini size, light weight, portable and space saving. And the quiet air pump has a check valve fitting that prevents water from flowing back into your pump and is safer to use.
  • 【Hygger offers】Products include mini air pump with US 2-prongs plug, air stone, air tube, check valve, user manual.
  • Noise: <35dB
  • Power: 1W
  • Pressure: 0.02Mpa
  • Manufacture: hygger

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