Imagitarium First Impressions

Not for too long.

A sprig disconnected from each plant. The leaves are soft and bendable, and it looks nice in my 5 gallon. This is THE best plant in his tank. So far I haven't had to clean them, thanks to my bn plecos Im sure. But it still looks very good in the tank. I find that it makes cleaning easier. Just as good if not better than the pricey brands.

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Imagitarium Final Thoughts

I love this blue tree.

Using as floaters for baby fish and stressed females. The plants are soft and won't cut the bettas fins, and haven't so far. I'm sure it's not good for the fish. The 16 inch Java Fern to the left is from the same company and I love it. Returns not available for this item. Our gold fish love swimming next to them. I think they damaged my betas fins.

Overall Score

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  • Imagitarium Features & Specs
  • Adds interest and natural beauty to your aquatic habitat
  • Enhances aquarium while producing shelter to reduce fish stress
  • Safe for both freshwater or saltwater environments
  • Manufacture: Imagitarium
  • Item Weight: 3.98 ounces

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