Imagitarium First Impressions

Personal preference.

There's also enough room back there to hide a heater. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this Beautiful little tank so much I bought another one. That piece is very poorly designed. No doubt, I'll just be throwing that out. I would recommend those back flow connectors for the air pump. Nothing came broke and everything is working. This would make a great gift for anyone wanting to get into the hobby.

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Imagitarium Final Thoughts

It gets dirty FAST.

There arent very many other aquariums at this price point with these measurements. Nothing came broke and everything is working. The shrimp sit on the wall and can hide in the back also. They'll have a lot more room to play around decorations and stuff, too. This is a good deal for a complete setup, less the rocks for the bottom. I have this unit deployed for a couple of months now. - it really only holds 4 gallons after you add gravel and decorations.

Overall Score

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  • Imagitarium Features & Specs
  • Betta Desktop Kit from Imagitarium
  • LED lighting spotlights your fish and sets the mood
  • Power filter aerates and circulates water
  • Space-saving shape offers unobstructed views of your aquatic life on an elevated base
  • Aquarium lid includes a feeding hole
  • Manufacture: Imagitarium
  • Item Weight: 3.94 pounds

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