Imagitarium First Impressions

5 gallon tank.

And my Midas Blenny and Cleaner shrimp are doing so well in it. He is so happy and swims around all day instead of just sitting in a corner. Definetly get a small ato as it does allow considerable evap. Indeed the light did not illuminate at all but only flashed as seen in the video. Medium on the bottom, coarse on top. I am especially fond of the raised base. So far 2 fish and 1 water frog died this way in my aquarium within 6 months.

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Imagitarium Final Thoughts

It's beautiful.

I immediately noticed that the glass moves slightly in the corners when pressed on. Medium on the bottom, coarse on top. Bottom line is~28 hours after receipt this is one star. At least 30%, more if testing indicates a problem or if water is looking bad. Not a fan of the filtration sponge. They look the same as the ADA ones which cost a fair amount more. The pic is a bit cloudy since I just filled it up and its still cycling.

Overall Score

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  • Imagitarium Features & Specs
  • Ideal for use as a Betta fish tank
  • Tough, plastic base with a self-locking top
  • Features excellent ventilation, knock-outs for airline tubing, and flip-top window for feeding
  • Versatile tank available in multiple sizes
  • Manufacture: Imagitarium
  • Item Weight: 1.2 pounds

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