Jane Choi 0666389964809_SML First Impressions

Great beginners tank.

Again, heater and light if you are doing real plants. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this Beautiful little tank so much I bought another one. The description lists dimmensions but it still feels small. I say it's a good buy and a very nice tank. Fortunately, the way the arm is designed you can zip tie something like the 7. The rule of thumb is one small fish per gallon. Ok let's start off with the tank itself.

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Jane Choi 0666389964809_SML Final Thoughts

It's also really flimsy.

That piece is very poorly designed. This is a VERY SMALL tank, and can only house 1 betta fish OR 2-3 guppies. Once finished with both tanks will post pics of grass wall. Stop now and BUY BUY BUY you will love it! Will be buying a second of these tanks for my step daughter's Betta. I wish I new about that before I got it. The shrimp sit on the wall and can hide in the back also.

Overall Score

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  • Jane Choi 0666389964809_SML Features & Specs
  • The scissors are sharp and well-secured so they haven't loosened or dulled at all
  • The curve in the tools will get into hard to reach area to plant your aquarium plants
  • Specially designed delicate clip end, no harm to your small or thin water plants
  • Package includes: curved tweezers, straight tweezer and tank scissors
  • Manufacture: Jane Choi

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