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Will purchase again.

But if you want actual fine sand might not be what your looking for. All three are inert; therefore, they do not affect ph. I used about 9 lbs in my 5 gallon tank, since I wanted a deep substrate layer. I didn't have fish yet and decided just to chance it. But that is also something to consider with all sands. I have a 50 gallon established freshwater tank. But that is also something to consider with all sands.

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JZMYXA Final Thoughts

Oh, and one other thing.

The filter we used was also established with bacteria from the former tank setup. It looks great and it's super quality. I did lots of research on the subject and decided to make the leap. Dont force yourself to look at a boring bare bottom tank! This is the ideal size, in my opinion, for most situations. You probably need more if you are planning on planting live plants. Take my advice, which I got from someone else, and buy a mini gravel vacuum.

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  • JZMYXA Features & Specs
  • Net weight 2.2 pounds. Made of 100% Natural Gravel Pebbles.
  • Fit for Aquariums Terrarium Garden Flowerpot Glassware Vases Decoration.
  • Non-toxic just like river gravels.
  • Natural color won't fade away through time.
  • Please wash them 5-6 times before use.
  • Manufacture: JZMYXA
  • Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.53 x 2.17 inches; 2.34 Pounds

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