Kangkang First Impressions

Every thing else is good.

Much easier to use and install than those tank partitions. Breeder nets are available in many sizes including larger than both boxes. Still, everything else about the box is great! I didn't have the space for an external one. One of them does not because you're supposed to add some sort of water rain bar. I left it out and the babies were sneaking out through that hole. He had room to still swim around and I didn't feel too guilty.

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Kangkang Final Thoughts

Buy better suction cups.

I own 7 of these isolation, breeding tanks. The babies are now in the box without the middle divider piece. We did have some get stuck in the edge of the partition. I actually put it in my 10 gallon baby fry tank. With the pump it's completely circulated and levels are normal. I am using several to sort through some fish I am breeding. She doesn't seem very stressed, honestly, and likes to nap in the V's.

Overall Score

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  • Kangkang Features & Specs
  • A multi-function isolation box, suitable for family farming and includes isolation and hatch
  • Can be used as incubator box for fish to spawn
  • Avoid adult fish attack and to increase the survival rate of baby fish
  • Isolate those diseased fish, injured fish, big tropical fish and aggressive fish
  • With 4 suction cups, convenient to fix and move
  • Manufacture: Kangkang

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