KKmoon First Impressions

Decent case.

Hate the batteries, but once loaded, it seems to work fine. Get precise salinity readings in moments. I have a 2000+ gallon pond and I just put salt in it last month. The hydrometer is good, but I ordered two Shrimp CRS Miniature glass figurine, Clear. So once your instant ocean shows a measurement. All very easy and I feel as though I am getting an accurate salinity reading. The reading is big enough for you to read and it comes with the batteries.

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KKmoon Final Thoughts

This tool is AMAZING!

The refractor was off out off the box. I have a 2000+ gallon pond and I just put salt in it last month. Clear readout with the ability to calibrate and focus. I've tried several different refractometers now and they are mostly the same. He is too cute not to want to take care of properly. When I saw the price offered on this one, I decided to buy and I love it. Very easy, turn screw very slowly to calibrate.

Overall Score

(18 Points)
  • KKmoon Features & Specs
  • Measure salt water or salinity of water, ideal for aquariums and marine monitoring.
  • With measurement level for direct reading. Adjustable manual focus, easy to focus and calibrate.
  • Handheld design and non-slip rubber handle for easy operation.
  • Instant Reading Result: Just need 2-3 drops of solution and a few seconds, you can get accurate readings.
  • Built-in automatic temperature compensation(ATC) to get faster results.
  • Manufacture: KKmoon
  • Item Weight: 8.9 ounces

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