Koral Filters First Impressions

Bigger than expected.

But by two weeks, the output did drop. I don't advise using a UG filter as the only filtration source in large tanks. So here is the product size on the boxes that isn't included in the description! Replace prefilter on pump inlet while filter is running. I'm using this pad to HOB filters AC70 bottom and top of it’s sponge. But if you don't weekly vacuum it up, it will eventually clog the filter. And provide a few low current areas in the tank for fish who are stressed to rest.

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Koral Filters Final Thoughts

I'm a client for life.

Make sure to select the Medium size from Tetra. I had to take a blade and run it through all the slats because the factory doesnt q. Also work great as filler for canisters and other filters. Nitrates in small doses are not as harmful to the fish as Ammonia. Because they are the smart thing to do when you keep aquariums. I have always had an undergravel filter and my aquariums. You can run everything on battery backup sockets.

Overall Score

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  • Non-toxic - Safe and Durable
  • Optimum waterflow with cleaning efficiency
  • Works with Fresh or Salt water
  • 12" wide 1" thick - Cut to fit media roll
  • 100% Satisfaction Guranteed
  • Manufacture: Koral Filters

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