Koyal Wholesale First Impressions

A week or two perhaps.

I will add photo once my tank is all setup next week. The mopane wood is two-toned, with a very light tone and a black tone. Mine is 2 tone, darker, and unique shape. I then left it in cold water doing an occasional change for almost 2 weeks. I'm not sure what people are expecting for this price. It comes from a reliable company and is very pretty to look at. For the price, I received 5 useful and interesting pieces.

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Koyal Wholesale Final Thoughts

Good value for the money.

I really love the piece and it was well worth what I paid for it. These are about the size of a double fist. The first is you won't know what you have until it comes. I received some nice pieces for sure. The ones I received were five pieces of mopani. He has 3 in a 20 gallon aquarium, and 1 in a small aquarium. I like the authenticity of these pieces.

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  • REAL NATURAL CHOLLA WOOD - Also know as cactus wood, branch piece comes from the Cholla cactus. Due to it being a natural brand, some pieces will be more hollow than others.
  • BRANCH DÉCOR - Perfect home and wedding centerpiece décor. Accessorize Cholla drift wood with air plants, succulents, macrame, dried moss, or use in DIY crafts such as candleholders.
  • SAFE ORGANIC PET SUPPLIES - Perfect for fish aquariums, shrimp hideouts, hermit crab homes, or as a reptile or bird perch. Also a safe pet chew toy for small pets.
  • NATURAL & SAFE - Natural cactus driftwood is thorn-free, chemical-free, and fertiziler-free. Safe for pets.
  • PREPARATION - If used in animal habitats, terrariums, or aquariums, please boil and soak Cholla wood prior to use.
  • Manufacture: Koyal Wholesale

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