Leegoal 046280 First Impressions

Suction cups fail.

I am extremely pleased with this product. I don't think i'll ever be able to trust a digital thermometer again. I can't say which is the most accurate and don't really care. I came here to give this product a positive review. Love it, it's easy to read and keeps an accurate temp. These digital thermometers are great and there is no guesswork involved. I used to have a large hang in the side tank that you couldn't miss.

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Leegoal 046280 Final Thoughts

So far so good.

For something so cheap, they are working remarkably well. I can't say which is the most accurate and don't really care. This temperature read a perfect 32 degrees. The suction will never be the same. This doesn't bother me as it ws so cheap. So, in those cases, I find it easier to simply replace it. Only thing I don't love is how long the cord is.

Overall Score

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  • Leegoal 046280 Features & Specs
  • Digital Thermometer with external thermistor with 3 ft insulated wire.
  • easy to read LCD display Compact design, with suction cup and place to any smooth surface use Flip to switch between ¡ãC and ¡ãF On/Off button to save battery power.
  • Simple operation Submerge probe/thermistor into fish tank or a refrigerator or any place you want to monitor the temperature.
  • Manufacture: TOOGOO(R)

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