Lominie Asta 20 First Impressions

Took off 4 stars.

It has multiple settings, dimmer and a TIMER! Seems to be doing pretty well for my planted tank also! Trust me u will not be disappointed! So if you set it to white only, it will default to ALL lights on. However, each brings a distinct look to the tank. This light does a great job and grows plants in a rapid rate. Best of all you see the true color of your plants and fish.

  • Editor's Impressions Of The Lominie Asta 20
  • Brightness [star rating='5']
  • Build Quality [star rating='3.9']
  • Value For Money [star rating='4.8']
  • Feature Set [star rating='4.5']

Lominie Asta 20 Final Thoughts

I did not.

So I contacted customer service and asked them to send me a new transformer. It's a simple design, easy and intuitive to set up, adjustable and fits great. No bad algae, Corals show great expansion, nice growth, and good coloration. I really wanted to like this light, but ultimately it didn't work for me. It's been about a month since the new LED light came in. The daytime lights are MUCH brighter than the lights my Top Fin hood has built in. I got my light today couldn't wait to put it on my blackwater tank.

Overall Score

[star rating="4.1"]
(862 Points)
  • Lominie Asta 20 Features & Specs
  • ADJUSTMENT SYSTERM: Manual dimmer switch to dim the light from 0% to max. 360° adjustable rustproof gooseneck, the clamp is wide enough for 25mm thick glass, plastic screws won’t scratch the tank glass
  • SUPERIOR CRI: COB LED provides equally-distributed illumination, strong penetrability, energy efficient and slim body to produce amazing illumination effect for planted tank.
  • SOLID ALUMINUM HOUSING: Diameter 2.7 inches/7.0cm, suitable for 8"~18"(45 cm) long tank. Default 180 optical lens, plus an optional 60 degree lens for narrower tank; Excellent for freshwater and planted aquarium setups.
  • HEAT DISSIPATION: Asta 20 aquarium led lamp uses quality aluminum cold forging heat sink, efficient cooling system to extend the lifespan of the LEDs.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: 12 months long-time friendly service for any trouble of our lights. Welcome to ask any questions of light, we will do our best to help you.
  • Asta F20 aquarium led lamp uses quality aluminum cold forging heat sink, efficient cooling system to extend the lifespan of the LEDs. The casing will get a bit hot after working for a while, but the temperature is within normal range.
  • Color: Cold White
  • Suitable Tank Size: 8"~18" cube tank
  • Manufacture: KOTO

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