Luigi's First Impressions

I bought 2!

I'm not sure what's going on with this 1. Excellent product, you simply can't beat the price and shipping was bullet fast. 4-5 squirts in a sink of water, soak my suit 10 min, wring out and hang to dry. Still, mine came in 1 piece and in working order so I'm satisfied. I'm not sure what's going on with this 1. Exactly the same item I purchased from a local store for alot more money! I used one gallon of reverse osmosis and the rest tap.

  • Editor's Impressions Of The Luigi's
  • Build Quality [star rating='3.4']
  • Value For Money [star rating='3.3']
  • Feature Set [star rating='3.7']

Luigi's Final Thoughts

I totally recommend this.

If you have a freshwater fish tank, I highly recommend this product. I have several similar products this one is my favorite. I will purchase this again when needed. This allows the conditioner time for its anti-heavy metal ingredients to work fully. I must've measured correctly because it fits great! Got here on time, perfect packaging, rinsed easy and fit in my filters perfectly! You just give it some squeezes, and the outpouring begins and doesn't take forever.

Overall Score

[star rating="4.3"]
(10071 Points)
  • Luigi's Features & Specs
  • ✔️️ - No Messy drips, and a sturdy one way valve to improve suction. You can clear 30L in about 5 minutes.
  • ✔️️ - Filter through the gravel using the attachment to suck up food, fish waste and toxins that build up in your tank.
  • ✔️️ - Use The attached filter to prevent sucking up small fish and shrimps.
  • ✔️️ - A lot of fish accessories are overpriced. This simple, robust product does the job of a much more expensive siphon at a fraction of the cost.
  • ✔️️ % - If you're not happy for any reason just let us know and we'll give you an instant refund. No questions asked!
  • Manufacture: Luigi's
  • Item Weight: 2.89 ounces

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