MarineLand PA0137-04 First Impressions

Thank you, Marineland!

Works well for my low flow Aquaclear 20. The first 3 pics are of my RR tank with sump. I replace my filter material in my IM Nuvo 20 reef tank every week. The measurements are about 9 cm long x 4 cm wide and the hole is about 2 cm. I purchased this bulk filter media for a Fluval 207 canister filter. I purchased these for an aquarium at school. Fill with the supplied carbon and voila.

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MarineLand PA0137-04 Final Thoughts

It's amazing.

Have been using this product for few month for my planted tank. Ignore all the noise about them being outdated they are a must-have buy it. It was exactly what I needed and fit beautifully. This improves flow and prolongs time between cleaning. I will be using Koral Filter material from now on. I will update more pictures later, once the water isnt cloudy. Keep your stocking of creatures low.

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  • Manufacture: Marineland
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 6 x 9.5 inches; 14.24 Ounces

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