Maynooth Natural Granite First Impressions

I do not own fish.

The little package of clarifier included is not nearly enough. I'll definitely use this gravel again the next time I start a new tank. I was scared to buy it after the reviews I read about it killing their fish. Obviously required a lot of rinsing. The little package of clarifier included is not nearly enough. So will just see if color stays-God willing! I didn't even need the water clarifier, and I found it in the bag.

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Maynooth Natural Granite Final Thoughts

It is quite lovely.

Snails and fish dont seem to mind the switch from sand. They served their purpose, but had to be the dirtiest rocks I have ordered. I just wanted to post a picture so you can see how much comes in a pack. For reference, my tank is a 20 gallon tall tank. The rock arrived quickly and several days before projected. Color is good contrast to the Beta. The 50 pound bag was jus barely enough for my 55 gallon tank!

Overall Score

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  • Maynooth Natural Granite Features & Specs
  • 100% granitic gneiss (no limestone!)
  • Screened and spray-washed with water only (natural fine dust from parent stone is present in bag - rinse before use)
  • 1/4 inch diameter rounded gravel
  • Suitable for aquariums, planters, terrariums, and more
  • Product of Canada
  • Manufacture: Maynooth Natural Granite
  • Item Weight: 4.99 pounds

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