mcgrady1xm First Impressions

Fits together easily.

Definitely worth the money spent on the product. It finally broke after 10 years of use so I could justify buying a new one! The suction tube is plenty long to reach all over in the'hard to reach' spots. I liked the idea of this product when I saw it, and decided to take a chance. I could see it working for 10 gallons, especially with a little experience. Simple, lightweight design does exactly what it says it will do. Ignore the orang plastic clip that attaches to a bucket.

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mcgrady1xm Final Thoughts

- Very easy to use.

I let everything soak in water and washed with safe dish soap before using. It does the same work, only better and in half the time. The item's weren't dirty or greasy or anything, but the smell was pretty strong. This hose would be over kill for 20 gals or less but I have 40 gal tanks. It kept coming off and made a mess on the floor. If used in a deeper tanks, the shower effect will all be underwater. The vacuum insn't too loud which is good, and has very good suction.

Overall Score

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  • mcgrady1xm Features & Specs
  • 【Full of Sincerity, Full in Packages】1 handle, 4 sections of extension tubes, 1 switch,1 low suction pump, 1 sand vaccum, 1 shower, 1 debris vacuum, 1 brush head, 1 sand washing head, 1 filter bag and 59in water hose
  • 【Longer and Deeper】Comes with 4 sections of extension tube, which can extend from 19 inches to 46 inches, longer than other products! 4-foot-deep fish tank can be easily cleaned and water changed
  • 【Water Changer】Super strong pump and high heed,flow rate up to 496GPH(8.3 Gallon per Minute), 7ft head, starting water level as low as 1.9in, pumping as low as 0.3in, shallow fish tank can also use, fast and efficient, no need to waste time manually changing water,drop your siphon!
  • 【Upgrade 5 in 1】We can do: ① Quickly suck impurities ② Quickly wash sand ③ Rain mode ④ Pumping mode ⑤ Quickly add water mode to meet all your cleaning and water changing requirements
  • 【Perform their duties】Duckbill suction head is suitable for bare tank use, corner sand washing head is suitable for landscaping sand and stone fish tank, effluent rain shower can bathe turtles, low suction seat can be sucked to low water level, Sand washing head attachment for cleaning coarse gravel , brush head for cleaning on the substrate
  • Manufacture: mcgrady1xm

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