MECO First Impressions

Good price.

My only small issue with it is the way it attaches to the tank. And if you fill your tank very full with water they can swim over the divider. I am going to put a Male betta on each side. Get this if your dividing your tank for betta fish. You can also try any other small fish. It is easy to install but, careful not to lose anything. There are slots along the top that they can see through.

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MECO Final Thoughts

Thank you!

The holes are smaller than some other similar dividers, which is why I chose these. They look like the edging that's on the tanks, so it's as attractive as possible. I bought these clear suction cups separately. I'm not using it but keeping it in case. Third- pull the divider all the way up. I turn a 10-gallon tank into three, 3. Overall I was pleased with this divider.

Overall Score

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  • MECO Features & Specs
  • Easy to install in your aquarium tank.
  • You can easily divide your tank into several compartments with these divider holders.
  • Handy clips to divide a bigger fish tank into several compartment for breeding or separation.
  • Use these divider holders for separations of different fish, for breeding and to prevent your fish to fight as well.
  • With suction cup clamp, horizontal or vertical isolation space free, or as a fish tank base or a small accessory for fish tank landscaping.
  • Manufacture: Elecday

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