Mylivell Airpump-Large First Impressions

Awsome product!

Pretty nice bundle and good value for money. Cheaper than buying all these little doodads individually. All in all a good value for the kit you get. I grabbed this on a whim bc it came with so many accessories. The hose is a soft silicone but it didn't kink or pinch for me. I've managed to keep my cats away from them so far, fingers crossed. I am happy with how many bubbles there are.

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Mylivell Airpump-Large Final Thoughts

No real decor.

The quality seems fine but not great. Quality products used to make up the package. Other than that, this is worth your money. I may purchase it again just for the tubing, if I can't find it sold separately. Would certainly purchase this item again! A lot of fun attachment parts for aquarium and some nice back up parts incase needed. Tubing is a bit hard to connect to air plugs as it is soft and grippy.

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  • Mylivell Airpump-Large Features & Specs
  • ♥ MORE SILENT - Our air pump is just driven by a thin piezoelectric ceramic plate, totally different from traditional electromagnetic air pump, No EMI, No motor, No shaft, No other troublesome mechanisms, which makes it super compact, quieter, light weight and long service life.
  • ♥ STABLE PERFORMANCE - Oxygen air pump is stable performance, is ideal for small and medium-sized fish tank plus oxygen. It is also perfectly suitable for using at all kinds of high-grade aquarium, aquaculture oxygenation or spout decoration.
  • ♥ HIGH-EFFICIENCY - This air pump is very efficient in a fish tank up to 40 gal, with long service life, has the most power of Hpumps. Suitable for fish tanks contain 500MM Water Depth.
  • ♥ PRACTICAL DESIGN AND EASY TO USE - Aquarium air pump is small and light weight, portable and space saving. Very easy to install, connecting air stone and air tube with pump outlet, then immerse air stone into tank.
  • ♥ STRONG AIR STONE - Air pump with an air stone, producing a lot of bubbles which your betta loves (as do most fish), adding extra oxygen. A great mother's day gift.
  • In order to get optimum working effect, please use original accessories.
  • The air pump is Non-waterproof, keep it away from water.
  • Regularly check the air tube is not being clogged, bended and without any air leakage.
  • Manufacture: Mylivell

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