NEWCOMDIGI First Impressions

The problem is.

The dividers only work with the fry drop in place. The breeder box has a decent size for isolating fish or dwarf shrimp. Breeder nets are available in many sizes including larger than both boxes. They seemed scared at first but calmed down after about 30 minutes. The funnel tray is placed too high within the box. When I came across this one that showed the actual inner dimensions, I was impressed. So it IS possible for very small fry to slip through the slits.

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  • Build Quality [star rating='4.5']
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  • Feature Set [star rating='4.1']

NEWCOMDIGI Final Thoughts

Great product!

I also like that it goes in to the tank and not a hang on the outside type. I had a 2 pregnant guppies and bought this for them. This product is excellent, works fabulously. I had a 2 pregnant guppies and bought this for them. I ordered this product for my Balloon mollie babies. There are slats in the bottom for the babies to escape to, to keep from being eaten. Kind of a pain to remove the lid and feed the fry.

Overall Score

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  • NEWCOMDIGI Features & Specs
  • ★ ☀❤ Easy to use, convenient to Hatch.
  • ★ ☀❤ Simple, practical, convenient to hatch shrimp for feeding fish.
  • ★ ☀❤Can be directly into the harvest shrimp eggs, sea salt and water
  • ★ ☀❤ Connect with air p ump, eggs can be hatched within 24 hours .
  • ★ ☀❤Good for the shrimp egg to feed the ornamental fish larvae.
  • a. Inject the treated water into the standard water level line in the incubator tank, and then add about 10 g of the coarse salt to dissolve in advance.
  • b. Connect the air intake to the air intake hole at the bottom of the incubator to adjust the air volume to an appropriate amount. The ideal temperature is 28~30°C/82.4~86°F.
  • c. Re-inject about 3 to 5 g of brine shrimp eggs and incubate for about 36 to 48 hours (depending on the incubation temperature and the quality of the shrimp eggs).
  • Manufacture: NEWCOMDIGI

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