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Personally for me the housing doesn't bother me. --The heater itself is a bit shorter if your tank is a short one. Thanks for the great customer service! I got the 200W variant for my 54 gallon corner tank that's housing goldfish. There is a misconception on the internet that the heater isn't fully submersible. I tested it by unplugging and replugging it. Also I like how it shows both the current temperature and the set temperature.

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NICREW Final Thoughts

Works fine.

210 gallon ones and one 90 gallon bow front tank. This heater is NOT fully submersible. This is only day one though, so I shall keep an eye one it. Per my thermometers, they are all staying constant. Once I opened the box i noticed the quality of the construction. This is only day one though, so I shall keep an eye one it. This this is amazing and is worth the money.

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  • NICREW Features & Specs
  • Equipped with precise temperature probe, making the temperature difference within ±2ºF to provide ideal living environment for your aquariums
  • Safe and easy to use external controller help operate without getting hands wet, allow Celsius and Fahrenheit control from 68℉/20°C to 94℉/34°C
  • Automatically shut off will be activated if heater is no longer properly submerged, preventing damage
  • Ideal for freshwater and saltwater aquariums, aquaculture, glass containers, and hydroponic systems
  • 100 watts heater is designed for 10-25 gallon fish tank
  • Manufacture: NICREW

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