NICREW First Impressions

Pretty easy to program.

I am running 20 something aquariums and have multiple lights running in my fishroom. If necessary, I'll just buy one more and I'm sure I'll be fine. The purple hue bugged me that much I returned it. I'd use it for a frag tank or maybe even a coral QT. The person I sold them to had one start smoking and burnt out the white channel. I would highly recommend this light for anyone looking. I contacted NICREW they were great with customer service.

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NICREW Final Thoughts

Very nice light.

This lights had the reviews i was looking for. I'm very happy with the light performance. Has all the functions I need and want, and I am happy with this purchase. The second pic is my old Top Fin light for comparison. I have a very big 55 gallon corner tank that had a big hood on the top. This tank is 15 years old with lps and sps corals. Also note this is an initial impression review.

Overall Score

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  • NICREW Features & Specs
  • 6500K white LEDs and full spectrum RGB LEDs promote and support low-to-mid light level plant growth
  • Improved in-line switch to reduce light damage by preventing moisture
  • Extendable mounting brackets allow easy installation on a variety of aquarium widths
  • LED strip light with independent White and RGB LED control
  • A glass or acrylic canopy is highly recommended to extend the life of the unit by preventing moisture from affecting it
  • Manufacture: NICREW

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