NICREW N14211 First Impressions

- no color control.

The adjustable brightness levels are awesome too. They did well enough during the time I had them. Even the torch, frogspawn and brain at the bottom of the tank is doing well. But now was an opportunity to upgrade. So if you set it to white only, it will default to ALL lights on. My only complaint is the missing seal. Sadly I can't really use it yet because the glass canopy I ordered hasn’t arrived.

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NICREW N14211 Final Thoughts

The price was just right.

I have seen no flickering or pulsing of these lights as reported by other reviewers. When I disassembled it- I found the light had no seal on either end cap. I just put half inch molding around the lights so they don't move. The adjustable brightness levels are awesome too. Most lights make it still so dark you can't see. It's not an issue now that I understand it, but I thought it was broken at first. So I contacted customer service and asked them to send me a new transformer.

Overall Score

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  • NICREW N14211 Features & Specs
  • Allows accurate views of plants, invertebrates and fish in their natural colors
  • Provides an adjustable solution to mount LED light fixtures on virtually any aquarium
  • Easy to install over the aquarium glass with the included screws, with no drilling or cutting
  • A durable on/off rocket switch for lighting control
  • Reccomended for aquariums 2.5 to 5 gallons
  • Manufacture: NICREW

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