NilocG Aquatics First Impressions

Especially not 5 of them.

I got a small piece and it is fairly large. I like to aquascape with realism to imitate an aquatic habitat. The ones I received were five pieces of mopani. Not as big as I thought, but still two nice pieces! We wanted something simple& classy for our aquarium& this really fit the bill! Also, I woke up this morning to the biggest bubble nest! I feel the seller provides precisely what they offer.

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NilocG Aquatics Final Thoughts

It's very nice.

Boiled them for several hours then let dry in the full sun. All in all, we are very happy with our purchase! Somewhat smaller in diameter than I assumed. If I had gotten small pieces I would have boiled them. I received it today and am very happy with what i got. My son got these for his turtle and gecko aquariums. I then soaked it in a bucket overnight with hot water.

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  • NilocG Aquatics Features & Specs
  • NATURAL CHOLLA WOOD | Fertilizer and Pesticide Free | Completely safe for all our animal friends
  • Great for Shrimp tanks, tying moss to, great for Hermit Crabs
  • Small Shrimp and Fry will enjoy swimming in and around. Excellent hiding places for vulnerable babies.
  • This Cholla wood has been cleaned and sustainably sourced. It is also sourced from a pesticide free location. Boiling prior to use will help increase rate at which the wood will sink
  • Manufacture: NilocG Aquatics

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