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Thanks Seachem.

The nitrate test is a little finicky as most users will agree. No issues so far, test strips work well. My tap water actually was really green and was a very close match to the 1. These are working very well for me. This is essential for an accurate reading. Best price, best quality, fair accuracy and better than most brands, etc. I will now test my water periodically to make sure everything is ok.

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However, it is not.

I'm the test strip came in handy it saved all of my fish. Takes about 5 minutes to check everything. Very helpful for checking the water in our tank. Just dip the strip in the tank water for two seconds, then read right away. Dip it in the water horizontally and keep it horizontal and read it against bottle. This is a good kit so much more accurate and easy to figure out how to use it. Probably won't buy again because of the bleeding issues.

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  • WHY SHOULD YOU PURCHASE THIS DROP CHECKER AND INDICATOR SOLUTION: The biggest reason is that it comes with 4dKH fluid and ph reagent PRE-MIXED. If you aren’t using 4dkh fluid your reading is very unlikely to be accurate. Second this drop checker is very easy to use and fill. No need for syringes and other items, the indicator solution comes with a flip top bottle for extremely easy use.
  • IMPORTANT- MUST READ- It is very important to use 4dkh fluid and ph reagent in your Co2 drop checker. If your drop checker directs you to use tank water then it will not be accurate and you will not have a good idea of what the actual co2 levels are. If your co2 drop checker doesnt list 4dkh fluid then assume you dont have it. Its a must have for optimum accuracy!!!!!!!
  • Highest Quality Co2 Drop Checker With 4dKH/PH solution. Monitoring co2 levels in your planted aquarium is very important for the health of your plants and fish. This kit is complete with everything that you will need. It includes: High quality drop checker, suction cup, 60ml bottle of 4dkh/ph reagent solution.
  • EXTREMELY EASY TO USE CO2 DROP CHECKER- To use simply fill the drop checker half way with the Co2 Indicator Solution. Place suction cup on the drop checker and place in your planted tank. Wait 2 hours to read Co2 levels.
  • HOW TO READ CO2 DROP CHECKER- When your co2 is off the drop checker solution will be a deep blue color. After co2 has been on for around 2 hours you should notice the color change. Optimal co2 concentration will be at 30ppm which will be a green-light green color. If it remains blue your co2 is too low. If the color turns yellow then your levels are too high and may harm your fish. USE THE COLOR CHART ON THE SIDE OF THE CO2 INDICATOR SOLUTION or ON THE PRODUCT INSERT-
  • Manufacture: NilocG Aquatics
  • Product Dimensions: 4.8 x 3.4 x 3.3 inches; 3.99 Ounces

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