Number-One First Impressions

Really happy with it.

Was frustrating but nobody's fault but mine. If you can keep your tank clean, this is perfect for you. I think it's probably OK to use without any washing, as it says on the bag. I went ahead and used it without rinsing it, which was a mistake. I bought the Sunset Gold color and it is a beautiful sand. This sand is beautiful and incredibly soft! Color in the pic looks pretty true to the real thing.

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Number-One Final Thoughts


Then swirled and dumped what didn't sink immediately. Clear water, no chemical issues and makes the tank look sparkling clean. I received this aquarium sand yesterday. Take my advice, which I got from someone else, and buy a mini gravel vacuum. I never did get around to switching to gravel. Highly recommend, found out about it on YouTube. You'll be shocked at the fine particles that come out!

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  • Number-One Features & Specs
  • 【Air-Pressing】- Aquarium siphon gravel cleaner comes with an airbag, vacuum pumping, powerful suction, can easily remove sediment from the bottom of the tank. Built-in strainer in the water inlet effectively prevents little fish or aquatic plant from being discharged
  • 【Multi-Purpose】- 3-in-1 multifunctional, water changing, sand washing & residue removing. Fish tank vacuum gravel cleaner uses vacuum siphon to change water, filter gravel, remove fish poop, efficient water cleaning.
  • 【Labor-Saving】- Aquarium gravel filter is simple to operate. Pressing the airbag repeatedly till the water flows out automatically, greatly facilitates the cleaning process. When pumping water, the outlet level must be lower than the inlet level.
  • 【Detachable】- Aquarium gravel cleaner can be split into different parts, easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • 【Adjustable Water Flow】- PVC water outlet pipe, excellent oxidation-resistant, fairly soft, flexible and durable. Fish tank siphon is equipped with an outlet valve, handy to control the water yield.
  • Manufacture: Number-One

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