Panacea Products 93432700044 First Impressions

Overall, a good purchase.

Large, white stones with a smooth polished surface. Neighbor has bees, and they come and drink and drown. The price is a bit shocking at first, but the rocks are nice. Oh well, guess I should have ordered more! The ad said how many per bag, but I was still expecting it to be larger. I bought these rocks for my flower pots that I put out in summer. The glass isn't cloudy, the sizes are uniform and you get the weight described.

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Panacea Products 93432700044 Final Thoughts

Bought the marbles.

I ordered two packets and counted them one by one. Beautiful, minimalist decoration for an aquarium. Great for my betta because he cannot snag his fins on them. Received marble very fast, great marbles. 2 tanks have a betta or corydora catfish so I needed smooth rocks for their safety. Great for my betta because he cannot snag his fins on them. The bag they were in protected every single glass drop inside.

Overall Score

(89 Points)
  • Panacea Products 93432700044 Features & Specs
  • Decorative & smooth glass stones add color and refract light
  • Translucent soft colored stones with a reflexive pearl-like finish
  • Mix & match colors & styles to give your aquarium a professional look
  • Manufacture: TopDawg Pet Supply
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches; 13.6 Ounces

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