Panacea Products 93432700112 First Impressions

I have 3 of them.

The glass isn't cloudy, the sizes are uniform and you get the weight described. These gems are so dainty and sparkly! One thing I can say is 200 pieces is only good for a 5 gallon tank. Really pleased with everything related to the item! They server their propose well for easy tracking of who's in the lead. All arrived clean and in good condition. Otherwise works and looks wonderful.

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Panacea Products 93432700112 Final Thoughts

Added benefits.

They glow pretty bright after a full day under a UV lamp. I used mine to start filling a glass jar that used to hold coins. 2 tanks have a betta or corydora catfish so I needed smooth rocks for their safety. I love them and they are an asset to my collection of crafts! I didn't want round marbles in my tank, I had wanted the flat kind. The only downfall is the amount you get. There isn't much to say, other than this worked for its purpose.

Overall Score

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  • Panacea Products 93432700112 Features & Specs
  • Will not affect PH
  • Safe for use in freshwater aquariums
  • Non-Toxic coating
  • Manufacture: TopDawg Pet Supply
  • Item Weight: 1 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches

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