Pawfly First Impressions

It has a strong current!

And there are fixes around all of it. I knew I had to try something else. I found calcium deposits were clogging the bottom where the air was supposed to exit. The new unit works fine as a secondary air pump in a 75 gallon fresh water aquarium. I was going to buy 3 small air pumps to power 9 sponge filters when I saw this pump. Larger tank owners won't have my issues. I cleaned the sponge and hooked it all back up, hardly any air was coming out.

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Pawfly Final Thoughts

It's as like as two peas.

Sometimes stopping all together if the water is full. Seems very well built, does as advertised. I have one running to sponge filters in a tank and it pushing a nice air flow. If it craps out anytime soon, I'll update the review. I didn't think I’d be impressed by an air pump but I’m pleasantly surprised. The pressure isn't as great as I hoped. Though the 18W model isn't so loud that it can only be used outside.

Overall Score

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  • Pawfly Features & Specs
  • Lots of Air: Dual Outlets deliver 285 gallon per hour for fish breath or root growth with 8.5 W low consumption. Max Pressure: 0.025 MPa.
  • For Emergency: Built-in 1 pack of replaceable 4,000 mAh lithium battery provides up to 6 h continuous working time or 40 h intermittent working when power outage. 3 battery pack slots allow you to add 2 more pack if needed.
  • AC/DC Power Supply: With AC 110-240V universal wall adapter, it can be used as in multiple countries and regions. Moreover, it can also be used DC 12V cigarette lighter power supply in your car.
  • 2 Working Modes: One button easy operation system, long press 3-5s to start, press again to switch mode.The default continuous mode for steady air flow output while the intermittent mode is great for saving energy.
  • Extra Silent: Extremely quiet operation with multi-level internal muffler. 4 shockproof rubber pads help reduce noise and keep it steady. Put the pump in a cabinet or under a proctective cover when used outdoors.
  • Manufacture: Pawfly

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