Pawfly First Impressions

Clear plastic EZ to use.

Future design improvement- less room for fry, more room for moms. I put three pregnant females in the box immediately. Not sure why some people are complaining the the separating tray floats. I popped this together in a minute and it was in the tank in another minute. We picked this up to use as a secondary QT box for our reef tank. I got the medium and it's mostly the width of a 10 gallon tank. I feel like this breeder box is sturdier than some others that I've used.

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Pawfly Final Thoughts

Great design.

Unlike the males, female Bettas should get along together. Neither ended up having their babies in the breeder box. Unlike the males, female Bettas should get along together. This product is good for the price. This keeps her area better airated and actually helps flow the babies out. I am using several to sort through some fish I am breeding. It would have been nice to have the suction cups.

Overall Score

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  • Pawfly Features & Specs
  • Medium Size: Inner size of 5.5"L x 3.8"W x 3.8"H. Creates a safe and secure breeding nursery for small fry while monitors your baby fish easily.
  • Ideal Breeder Tank: A must-have separating hatchery for pregnant betta or guppies, protecting new born fry from being eaten or attacked, improve the survival rate of newborn fish.
  • Versatile Isolation Box: Bottom separator with small slots can prevent the new born fry, shrimp to escape. Removable divider of customized size and number of chambers for different needs. Especially for aggressive fish or injured fish.
  • Space-Saving: Hangs on tightly to the inside of the tank with 2 suction cups. Side vents allow for optimum water flow, requires no additional heaters or air pump.
  • Easy Maintenance: Detachable design, easy to disassemble and clean. No tools needed.
  • Manufacture: Pawfly

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