Penn-Plax CCF229 First Impressions

Good luck y'all!

You will also need to replace their rechargeable batteries about every 2 years or so. It was easy to assemble and very effective! You can put power heads on the riser tubes to increase the flow through the filter. We use this product to the extreme. The injection molding for the plastics leave a lot to be desired. I've saved so much money since switching, plus my tank stays cleaner. A great addition to the filtration system.

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Penn-Plax CCF229 Final Thoughts

I use the APC brand.

Customizable in terms of media used. But by two weeks, the output did drop. This is a lot of filter pad for your money. Don't restrict air-flow around them as they do get quite warm. We operate a saltwater bait store, dealing in live shrimp and bull minnows. Plenty strong to support the rocks and gravel in my tank without sagging. This filter system doesn't come with everything to you need.

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  • Penn-Plax CCF229 Features & Specs
  • Keep your water clean and clear with the replacement bio sponge for use in the Cascade 700 Model CCF2UL and Cascade 1000 Model CCF3UL canister filters.
  • The bio sponge filter removes ammonia and nitrites from your aquarium tank keeping your aquarium clean, healthy, and odor free.
  • Filter sponge optimizes the colonization of beneficial aerobic bacteria which prevents the water from becoming cloudy and harming fish.
  • Perfectly cut to fit into the Cascade 700 / 1000 filter tray without any gaps ¬†which could allow pollutants to re-enter the water.
  • Genuine Penn Plax replacement cartridge for Cascade 700 / 1000 standard and Elite models. When used together, the filter and bio sponge provide maximum protection against water pollutants.
  • Manufacture: Monster Pets
  • Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 1.5 x 5.5 inches; 0.32 Ounces

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