Penn-Plax SAB11 First Impressions

It pumps PLENTY of air!

My 20H tank is in my office, 3 feet away from my desk. Seems very well built, does as advertised. A simple piece of foam under the unit solved that. Overall seems like a good air pump. It didn't blow air out that line, while it still had a little water in the unit! Use large Air Stone Bars for giant columns of air bubbles. The current from the circle is so strong circulation is not a issue!

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Penn-Plax SAB11 Final Thoughts

What a difference.

I have 3 of them on different surfaces. I have the pump hooked up to a large sponge. The rubber feet dampen most anything that the sealed pump doesn't cover. I was going to buy 3 small air pumps to power 9 sponge filters when I saw this pump. Once, the water in this tank backflowed into the unit. But if it's in another room, it’s not bad at all. 5 Watts, Fusion 700 rated at 6 watts,Whisper 300 rated at 7.

Overall Score

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  • Recommended as a home backup unit in case of power outages
  • Perfect for transporting fish
  • Impact resistant design, with 2 ft. air hose and airstone.
  • Manufacture: Penn-Plax
  • Product Dimensions: 2 x 3 x 5.5 inches; 7.58 Ounces

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