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This is the 40.

I was currently using 2 Whispers and they were anything but whispering. And one to the additional accessories for extra oxygen output only. Almost all people will be highly satisfied with this unit. In fact I can hear the bubbles from the water more than the pump itself. The motor was working but air was not moving. I put a nice little fan next to mine and it now runs much cooler! The added tubing and manifold make this an even better value.

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PERSUPER Final Thoughts

Works great and is quiet.

I really am impressed with this air pump! I couldn't even think to do my work. However Once you plug it to the Oxy tubes it is Silent! I like these, great deal for the price. After 3 weeks, I received a new one in the mail. I have one running to sponge filters in a tank and it pushing a nice air flow. The air being pumped out can be quite warm as well.

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  • PERSUPER Features & Specs
  • Portable: Our aquarium air pump generate less than 35db noise level when working in normal flow rate,the bottom used of rubber stabilizer feet effectively reduce the viberation and noise made ,leaving zero disturbance to your activities, work. USB charging feature and built-in battery for easy carrying and outdoor activities, good for home aquarium and fishing oxygen supply.
  • Powerful Aerator Pump: Our fish tank pump generate up to 2 gallons of oxygen output perminute, up to 126 gallons per hour. Our oxygen air pump has the reliable and consistent performance, providing great otput and steady air flow to your fish tank. Direct current and alternating current power are both available for charging and working.Without charging, it can work continuously and intermittently with maximum battery life of 24 hours.
  • Excellent performance: The Air Pressure produced from our pump could reach 0.02 Mpa, From Our Test Result,This Air Pump Can Support the Air Stone to supply Oxygen in the max depth of 3 Ft.
  • Great Compatibility: The oxygen pump for fishing suitable for freshwater and Marine water, and fish tank of different sizes. Please be aware that put the aeration air pump above to 10 inches above the water surface when using. If it is lower than that, check valve would be neede
  • Package: Comes with 1 Air Pump and accessories of 2 x air tubes ( 3.4 ft ),2 x Air Stone (0.47”), and a manual instruction.The USB rechargeable allows indepent use without needing extra electricity input. Great choice for outdoor fishing and substitue for power cut.
  • Manufacture: PERSUPER

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