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I have a 50 gallon established freshwater tank. The bag is small, but the quality of sand is good. Except for and axolotl owner this Sand is veryyy hard to keep clean! I found that red cherry shrimp adore diatoms. My beautiful sand turned a very dark brown. Just be smarter than me about it and you'll be very happy with the product. Worried about my newts underbelly but he seems okay with it.

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  • Build Quality [star rating='3.5']
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  • Feature Set [star rating='4.5']

PIVBY Final Thoughts

I really like this sand.

It can shorten the life of your filter's impeller. Not as thin as sand but works well for our musk turtle substrate. I'm setting up another tank and this will be the substrate. My goldfish seems much happier and will dig and siphon the sand. Perfect sand, I didn't bother rinsing or cleaning it like the directions said. The grain size will range from fine to medium. But if you want actual fine sand might not be what your looking for.

Overall Score

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  • PIVBY Features & Specs
  • Bathing Sand is 100% natural sand and is more like dust and free from bacteria. It is also naturally absorbent. It is the choice of many owners of show chinchillas for ideal coat condition.
  • Safe, effective product for hamster baths.This is fantastic because it's safe and watching hamsters take sand baths is super cute.Also,if your pet has health problems such as fungal infection,appear oily,moist body and matted fur,you can use this bathing sand to solve these problems.
  • Chinchillas should have a sand bath every day. Place bathing sand into a high-sided box or cat litter tray and let your Chinchillas roll around in it. They will thoroughly enjoy themselves and the sand will help keep their coats healthy by removing excess oils.
  • Bathing sand is essential for some small animals are a nice treat for others,It will do fur-grooming,moisture -absorbing-,oil-absorbing and skin disease preventure, such as hamsters and gerbils.
  • Package including:2LB hamster bathing sand.You will love watching them roll around and enjoy their bath time.
  • Manufacture: PIVBY

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