Planterest First Impressions

I was happy for that!

It's part of it so do the dry start method. I stuck the other pack in freezer dont think ill need anytime soon. But it's not a brilliant green but any stretch of the imagination. Then, before planting, dip them in the bucket for a few minutes. They grow rather quickly, and root very deeply into your substrate. After a good month in my aquarium, the brown dried sections did not improve. The plants arrived in Hawaii from California within 48 hours and looked amazing.

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Planterest Final Thoughts

No melting.

Put weight on it, which came with them, placed in tank. Overall i'm happy with the purchase. This is my first review posting ever! The Java fern has a ton of little baby java ferns on it now. I received the new package the next day and the plants were perfect. Anubias Barteri, came with 3 leaves, tall and healthy. Really perfect for my first tank plant.

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  • Planterest Features & Specs
  • LIVE AQUARIUM PLANT - 1 Dwarf Hairgrass Sp Mini Vitro Cup.
  • CUP SIZE - 2"
  • FREE ICE OR HEAT pack - Due to extremely weather, Ice and heat pack is available up on request. Simply put "ICE" or "HEAT" after your name on your shipping address.
  • 7 DAYS STAY ALIVE GUARANTEED - We stand behind our products. For some reasons If our plants died within 7 days, please message us with a clear photo. Refund or replacement will be applied.
  • With 30 years experience, please ensure that you will receive the best quality. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question or concern. Our customer service team would be very happy to help you.
  • Manufacture: Planterest

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