Polar Bear's Aquarium B062 First Impressions

My carpet is about 1.

After that it seemed to grow right before my eyes. Can see where a leaf has been plucked. This package comes with TONS of seeds! Just received my plants yesterday and I'm very happy with them. Hygrophila Araguaya, arrived with 5-6 stems with a weight. And, it has survived pretty well considering I never give it nutrients. I eventually scooped the seeds out and gave up.

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Polar Bear's Aquarium B062 Final Thoughts

Seems pretty hardy.

I know much thought was placed in picking these plants. Sprouted after 3 days in a Pyrex planted in existing aqurium substrate. I posted new pictures to show the growth but I did move some plants around. I placed the bulk of the moss in the webbing and twisted it up to hold it in place. Proper care will take care of that. You can see my cory is obsessed with it. Roots were already growing so planted in the tank.

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