RZ First Impressions

Clear directions.

Trying to turn it by hand won't work. The water was at what I expected it should be. I would recommend this product to anyone that has a marine aquarium. The instant ocean hydrometer will always be right. And it is much more accurate than my old salinity meter. This requires repeatedly tapping the arm with a pencil. Bubbles can greatly affect the reading.

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RZ Final Thoughts

These seem spot on.

I have tried others before but this has given me accurate and stable results. Now that it's calibrated I love it! I use this to check the specific gravity of my marine aquarium. Looks to provide very accurate readings. Get precise salinity readings in moments. Make your own by simply boiling some water and collecting the condensate. I use this for my 10g brackish and it works ok.

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  • RZ Features & Specs
  • TRIPLE SCALES REFRACTOMETER: Left scale for testing urine specific gravity of large animals such as dog, the middle scale can measure cats urine specific gravity or other small animals, the right scale tests serum or plasma protein level for all animals.
  • QUICK & EASY OPERATION: few sample than other lab hydrometers, just 2 or 3 drops of solution and wait for a few seconds, accurate data automatic shows, automatic temperature compensation 0°C-30°C/50°F to 86°F
  • MEASURING RANGE: Serum or plasma protein: 2-14g/dl, large animal like dog and small animals like cats’ urine specific gravity 1.000~1.060 SG, resolution: 0.001SG. Ideal for your home pets, clinical veterinary and pet owners.
  • DURABLE REFRACOMTER: comfortable holding and non-slip ABS rubberized grip, anti-rust aluminum body for long term using. Strictly quality and safety standards approved.
  • COMPACT SIZE: Lightweight and pocket size lab refractometer, comes with sturdy plastic box, mini screwdriver, pipette and wiping cloth and manual packed together, easy to carry and storage.
  • Manufacture: RZ

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