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Works ok for me.

I bought one to try it out, and it's been excellent. Instead of catching babies, I simply leave the mom in the top piece. Unlike the males, female Bettas should get along together. Good size and I like the separated chambers. Both are designed for free floating. The babies are now in the box without the middle divider piece. Lets in just enough new water to keep it clean, but not too much to have a current.

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S_HomeStore Final Thoughts

Very useful.

Suction cups do not hold the box up under its own weight. I use this all the time for fish or new plants. Two days later and we have about 20 babies swimming in the bottom part of the box. This product is excellent, works fabulously. This works better at protecting babies from mom than the one room nets. They seemed scared at first but calmed down after about 30 minutes. Future design improvement- less room for fry, more room for moms.

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  • ● This shrimp hatchery bucket is convenient to use.
  • ● Specially designed for shrimp hatching.
  • ● Simple, practical, you can use it to help shrimp hatching.
  • ● Reusable, durable and complete accessories.
  • ● High hatchability and fast shrimp collection.
  • Manufacture: S_HomeStore
  • Item Weight: 3.98 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 7.87 x 6.69 x 0.98 inches

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