Seachem 1275 First Impressions

Really nice stand.

I can't say enough good things about this product. I did add wood glue when assembling it. Holds my 10 gal fish tank with no worries. Just make sure to measure your tank before ordering. Check out my how to video on my YouTube channel electric blue aquariums. There is even enough room inside the cabinet for a 5. Looks like it should last for a long time.

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Seachem 1275 Final Thoughts

Make sure to use glue!

It is a good match for the associated tank. Extremely high quality for such a small price. All pieces to my unit were there and after reading reviews I was concerned. If you want a shelf, you'll have to install them yourself from your own wood. The finish absolutely will bubble if you get it wet. Once that was done, the rest of the assembly was easy. I was expecting something flimsy and cheap at this price but NOT AT ALL.

Overall Score

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  • Seachem 1275 Features & Specs
  • BINDER: Seachem Zeolite is a naturally occurring, highly-porous mineral that binds ammonia and heavy metals through an ion exchange mechanism.
  • REMOVER: Seachem Zeolite works in marine and freshwater to remove harmful metal ions such as lead, copper, nickel, and zinc without depleting calcium in saltwater nor increase general hardness in freshwater where the ionic strength is low.
  • DIRECTIONS: Use 250 mL (1 cup) of Seachem Zeolite for every 200 L (50 US gallons). For smaller aquariums, the equivalent dose is 5 mL (1 level teaspoon) per 4 L (1 US gallon). This amount of Seachem Zeolite will remove up to 0.5 mg/L ammonia. Ammonia levels should then drop to zero within 24-48 hours. At this point, the zeolite can be removed or replaced with Active Carbon.
  • FOR BEST RESULTS: Seachem Zeolite should be rinsed before use and placed so as to maximize the flow of water through it, but not so that it tumbles against itself in flow. Zeolite may be used in a canister filter, media chamber, box filter, or any high flow area of a trickle filter. Use of a filter bag is also recommended.
  • SAFETY: Be sure to wash thoroughly after handling Seachem Zeolite and store this product in its original container in a cool, dry area away from food or incompatible materials.
  • Manufacture: Seachem Laboratories
  • Product Dimensions: 4.94 x 4.94 x 7.62 inches; 4.25 Pounds

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