Seachem 20 First Impressions

No need to rinse.

My water is crystal clear again, and it smells like a healthy fish tank again. This water conditioner is a life saver! You need a source of ammonia to feed the bacteria which Dr. I wanted to see if it would take the chlorine out of my swimsuit. Do not clean the filters, do not change the filters. From their own colon or a hole in the ground. Fish are aerobic organisms that are susceptible to ROS.

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Seachem 20 Final Thoughts

Especially the Soothe.

I've using this for my betta for several years with every water change. This allows the conditioner time for its anti-heavy metal ingredients to work fully. It is much safer to simply to add 3 drops per gallon. I've had my fishy for 5 years now and I would say it's ALL because of Fluval. Just an idea incase someone doesn't have a spare dropper. Good Product, Good Price Gets five stars! You need to buy an eye dropper for this.

Overall Score

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  • Seachem 20 Features & Specs
  • Dechlorinates
  • Detoxifies heavy metals
  • Promotes natural slime coat
  • Removes chlorine, chloramine
  • Manufacture: Seachem
  • Product Dimensions: 6.6 x 2.5 x 2.3 inches; 2.6 Pounds

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