Seachem 3505 First Impressions

More like micro gravel.

Color in the pic looks pretty true to the real thing. But like everything else, you have to make choices and compromises. It is slightly finer and it hides algae very well. Dont force yourself to look at a boring bare bottom tank! Highly recommend, found out about it on YouTube. I love this substrate, I use it for my betta& goldfish tanks and it looks great. I did lots of research on the subject and decided to make the leap.

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Seachem 3505 Final Thoughts

Will purchase again.

I've had it in my aquarium now for just about 24 hours and cycling. The grain size will range from fine to medium. All three are inert; therefore, they do not affect ph. Use the strongest, most focused nozzle you have. No need to rinse before putting in aquarium. Take my advice, which I got from someone else, and buy a mini gravel vacuum. I think it's probably OK to use without any washing, as it says on the bag.

Overall Score

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  • Seachem 3505 Features & Specs
  • Fracted Porous substrate for the aquarium
  • Specially fracted Porous substrate for the aquarium; Suitable for most marine and freshwater environments including reef and planted aquariums
  • Most effective when used alone as an integral substrate bed but may be mixed with other gravels or Sands
  • Not chemically coated or treated but does have a slight buffering capacity
  • Premium natural sand for the planted aquarium
  • Rich in carbonates
  • Manufacture: Seachem Laboratories, Inc.
  • Product Dimensions: 17 x 11.75 x 1.75 inches; 15.4 Pounds

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