Senzeal SZLUS-0566 First Impressions

This product is great!

I have two female Bettas and a Pleco in a filtered, heated 15-gallon tank. That's why I took time to come back. The seller, Pawfly, was very nice about it. 5 gallon, but he was struggling to swim. It's unsightly with big uneven seams and extra fabric. I usually wait to write reviews but I am already impressed with this breeding box. Good quality and easy to take apart.

  • Editor's Impressions Of The Senzeal SZLUS-0566
  • Build Quality [star rating='3.6']
  • Value For Money [star rating='4.5']
  • Feature Set [star rating='4.2']

Senzeal SZLUS-0566 Final Thoughts

Every thing else is good.

5 gallon, but he was struggling to swim. I gave 4 stars becauses the mesh gets algae ridden pretty easily and stained green. The seller, Pawfly, was very nice about it. I highly recommend this product, simple and easy to use! Unlike the males, female Bettas should get along together. I have noticed that with all they pieces in that food does not exit the bottom half. I have safe little fry and more to come!

Overall Score

[star rating="4.3"]
(71 Points)
  • Senzeal SZLUS-0566 Features & Specs
  • Made of non-toxic plastic material, hatching for raising fish eggs
  • Suction tube clamp soft, easy to install, not easy to scratch the incubator director
  • Mesh uniform and dense to ensure smooth flow of water and improve hatchability
  • Biochemical cotton can avoid the impurities in the fish tank into the incubation chamber
  • Hatching fish eggs, you need to use the same fish tank water, so that fish eggs adapt to the environment
  • Manufacture: Senzeal
  • Item Weight: 6.2 ounces

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