Simple Deluxe LGPUMPAIR38 First Impressions

Wish didn't have to.

It really is pretty quiet- once you unclog the air pathway. The added tubing and manifold make this an even better value. If you leave one open, it makes noise. I started to write a poor review of the pump. I know my title sounds overly dramatic, but I'm not kidding. It's the second one of this model I’ve owned. I put a nice little fan next to mine and it now runs much cooler!

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Simple Deluxe LGPUMPAIR38 Final Thoughts

Its pretty quiet.

Overall seems like a good air pump. Once, the water in this tank backflowed into the unit. Pay a bit more but the quality is worth it. Save some money by not having to replace your air pumps every year! These work better than any of the others I have tried in my price point. I had the Whisper models and they were way too high in emissions. I was wrong it has enough power to run all 9 with air to spare.

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  • Simple Deluxe LGPUMPAIR38 Features & Specs
  • Electromagnetic air pump: High quality ZL 102 Aluminum alloy, outstanding heat dissipation performance, surface phosphating treatment, electrostatic spraying, uniform color. No lubricant design, compressed air is purer.
  • Maximum air pressure and air volume: The Simple Deluxe powerful 18W electromagnetic motor produces excellent air pressure (over 0. 02 mpa) and delivers a large amount of air to the six adjustable valve outlets. 100% copper outlet nozzle for long-lasting stable oxygen supply.
  • With standard air tubing: 3/16" Diameter, 25 foot Tubing, flexible and durable, won't become brittle or crack. Transparent and non-toxic, so it won't hurt your fish. Ideal for use with aquarium decorations or bubblers and many filters.
  • Wear-resistant and shockproof: The steel engine Cylinder Piston adopts New wear-resistant material, which is highly wear-resistant and completely energy-saving, economical and . Rubber anti-vibration base, rubber pad on the bottom foot pad, can effectively prevent shock and buffer, and can be fixed by screws.
  • Best applications: pumping 38 litters of air per minute (10 gallons per minute), low noise (less than 60 decibels) and a 1. 5 m power cord make it an oxygenated aquarium or pond or plant root in a hydroponic system ideal air pump.
  • Manufacture: Simple Deluxe
  • Item Weight: 2.99 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.3 x 3.7 inches

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