Sirozi First Impressions

Worked like a charm!

You will need fingernails to peel them. Don't think so, unless it’s not in water. I turn a 10-gallon tank into three, 3. They can see each other but they can't fight. I cut it to size using a paper cutter because it was easier than scissors. You will need fingernails to peel them. I created an inexpensive portable indoor potty for my little dog.

  • Editor's Impressions Of The Sirozi
  • Build Quality [star rating='2.6']
  • Value For Money [star rating='4.1']
  • Feature Set [star rating='3.1']

Sirozi Final Thoughts

And transparent.

It comes in clear so I had to rough up both sides to make it opaque. It is a bit tricky to straighten it and clip it, but with a bit of a push, it's fine. For platty fry I reccomend the Petzilla Aquarium Fish Breeder box. Small, skinny betta can go through those. I cut it to size using a paper cutter because it was easier than scissors. And I've been in the hobby a long time! I've bought several of these to divide my betta's and they've been great!

Overall Score

[star rating="3.1"]
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  • Sirozi Features & Specs
  • Value set: The package contains 4 white aquarium partition grid plates, and comes with 6 suction cup clips,The suction cup holder can be used to fix the isolation grid at any position in the fish tank
  • Size: The size of the aquarium isolation grid board is 11.8 X 6 inches, and the size of each grid hole is 0.39 inches, which is enough to ensure that your fish will not pass through or get stuck(Not suitable for fish smaller than mesh holes)
  • Safety material: The isolation board is made of high-quality PVC plastic, environmentally friendly and tasteless, will not affect the water quality of the aquarium, suitable for salt water and fresh water tanks
  • Flexibility: The product can be cut and spliced freely, and the size can be adjusted according to the size of your aquarium, suitable for many small fish tanks
  • Multi-function: These separation grids can effectively separate fish flesh, avoid fish from biting each other, fish separate and breed, convenient for cleaning manure, turtle ramp, or other DIY projects
  • Manufacture: Sirozi

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