SJ WAVE First Impressions

Will purchase again!

It is easy to use and accurate enough. It helps get you in the ballpark with your water perimeters. To test it, I bought a 5 pack of 5 site test strips from Petco. Well I found out why they were gulping so bad. I started wearing gloves when I use the kit. I have not had any problem whatsoever. I even got an extra 32 test strips as an added bonus.

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SJ WAVE Final Thoughts

It's worth it.

The strips are packaged well so they stay fresh and ready to use. Always nice to get something extra! Overall, I am very happy with this kit. Despite what it says on the chart, oxygen at 6mg will cause fish to start gulping. About my pic color difference of the water and the chart and about the bad reviews. It is easy to use and accurate enough. I found running all the tests took me around 10 minutes.

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  • SJ WAVE Features & Specs
  • HOME TESTING KIT - Ready to use, for your convenience; tests for 7 most critical parameters in fish tanks, pH, Chlorine, General Hardness, Carbonate Hardness, Nitrate, Nitrite and Temperature
  • ACURATE AND FAST RESULTS - Strips come with a detailed color chart, detect low levels of impurities and foreign substances, help prevent any invisible water problems and keep your fish safe
  • EASY TO Use: Simply dip the strip in water and compare with color chart for instant and reliable results. No more going to the pet stores because tests can be done at home in just one minute
  • SHELF LIFE – 100 testing strips packed in separate packages; strips in an open package need to be used within 3 months, so you can test your aquarium water quality at regular intervals and don't have to rush using all 100 strips
  • MULTIPLE USES – Can be used to test betta fish tanks, cold water or tropical fish tanks, shrimp tanks, plant aquariums, fish ponds and any other freshwater aquariums
  • Manufacture: SJ WAVE

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