SPHTOEO First Impressions

Great item!

My husband got me a few guppies that apparently had been pregnant. I tested both my tank and box water to find a big difference in Ammonia levels. I took out the part that separates the parent from the babies. They are now all back together, living as peaceably as fish can. Good quality and easy to take apart. So overall, this is a functioning product with little issues. I really liked the fact I could add an airline for water flow.

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SPHTOEO Final Thoughts

It is nice and clear.

The funnel tray is placed too high within the box. I don't see how they send used stuff out as new! The seller, Pawfly, was very nice about it. It would have been nice to have the suction cups. Still, everything else about the box is great! Suction cups do not hold the box up under its own weight. If you have a smaller tank, the Lee's may be the better choice.

Overall Score

(85 Points)
  • SPHTOEO Features & Specs
  • Bottom diameter: 40mm
  • Total Length: 30cm
  • Manufacture: SPHTOEO

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