SubstrateSource First Impressions

The plants are great.

Before you buy, do some research on the plants you will receive. Copper is toxic to inverts like snails and shrimp. I did trim some of the plants back to remove old leaves so only new ones are left. I received the new package the next day and the plants were perfect. It's alive and seems to be growing. All are very healthy for having been in the mail. I absolutely love how this plant looks in my tank.

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SubstrateSource Final Thoughts

Added water on day 8.

Within 7 days I had an even beautiful carpet! I'm ok with this since I have 3 assassin snails. I planted them in planters for my betta to rest on and he loves them. The moss is covering up the wires so you can no longer see them. And the amount of plants you get is by far the best deal. So I have a few more Java Ferns starting from this mother plant. Some leaves fell off, but overall doing very well.

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