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Looks great!

Unfortunately I had to return it because it was a bit domineering for my small tank. They swim through it and it keeps them entertained. He's able to hide under it but it doesn’t take up too much room. Love how it already looks like moss is growing on it. I'm satisfied and recommend highly. They seem a little too small for a Betta to fit through without getting stuck. Have it in 20 gal fresh water fish tank.

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She hasn't gone in the tree yet but she can definitely fit. The back is not completely flat so i have found fish behind it. Very sturdy and beautiful piece as advertised. Fits well within my 40 gallon tank. If you have a need for this and are considering it, go for it, you will love it. When preparing to place it in the aquarium, I just took off the stringy parts. Buying the tank is just the beginning into big money.

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  • ✔ UNIQUE AQUARIUM DECORATION FOR YOUR VIBRANT TETRAS --- Break free from the ordinary! Every aquarium owner has the typical fish tank ornaments like the scuba diver, castles, and artificial plants. The awesome pair of Moai Stone Head Replicas from SunGrow gives your underwater habitat a more unique and dynamic appeal.
  • ✔ SEE YOUR COLORFUL TETRA ROAMING IN POLYNESIA --- Expertly formed using resin, the Easter Island aquarium decorations are meant for your neon tetras. So bring that Island home! A practical resin stone is an excellent alternative to heavy ceramic and metal or flimsy plastic and styrofoam.
  • ✔ REALISTIC AND AUTHENTIC DETAILS --- The two stone head decorations are designed to look as realistic and true to the authentic Easter Island statues as possible. The shape is deliberately made rocky like raw stone and the detailed painting features intricate creases and hints of mossy green growing freely.
  • ✔ USEFUL IN AND OUT OF WATER --- The beautiful pair of ancient Moai Statue inspired adornments are perfectly suitable underwater in both saltwater and freshwater fish tank and also outside of water in terrariums and reptile boxes. There is no maintenance required and they look great simply sitting on a shelf in your home.
  • ✔ ADD TO TROPICAL PARTY DECOR --- With a similar appearance to the exotic Tiki statues, the Easter Island Ornaments are an excellent addition to any tropical themed party. Add the attractive stone face replicas to palm trees, coconut shells, floral garland, and pineapples for a festive atmosphere at your next luau party or backyard barbecue.
  • Manufacture: MARIMO PET STORE

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