SunGrow First Impressions

Really nice.

The picture shows a LOT of what you can expect. The price was great compared to others of this size. A perfect plant for a deeper aquarium. Some say color isn't realistic, but I think looks just fine. Its a really nice size and feels very well made. The plants are soft and won't cut the bettas fins, and haven't so far. I'm not crazy about the color at all because it looks so artificial.

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SunGrow Final Thoughts

It's a fake plant.

I just got them today, but as of right now I would highly recommend them. First, it has an off gas while sitting on my counter the past couple hours. My turtle is even able to climb into it and sit above the water. My turtle is even able to climb into it and sit above the water. It is very well made looks real and my fish loves it. Lots of cool places to hide and play. One more thing, description says 21 but there's only 20.

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  • RADIANT GREEN ADDS COLOR POP TO TANK --- The leaves of the life-like SunGrow Plastic Plant are gorgeous bright green in color which will not fade even when kept inside the water. It will not impact the quality of water or fish in any way. You may be pleasantly surprised to know that these plants would look just amazing at night with underwater lights on giving the Glow in the Dark effect.
  • HIDE THOSE MESSY ACCESSORIES & WIRES --- Since these plants are around 10” high, they will be a perfect addition to small aquariums ranging from 5-20 gallons. You may keep those wiring or unwanted accessories discreet at the back. Just place the heavy resin weighted plant at the forefront.
  • GREAT STIMULATION --- Your fish will enjoy the stimulation that these plants provide. They can swim and hide through the swaying leaves of this artificial water plant. The soft silky leaves will be easy on your fish fins. Add this set of leafy artificial vegetation to create an amazing underwater world. It measures around 10.2 inches high, with the base about 1 inch and spread the width of about 4.7 inches.
  • NO MAINTENANCE AT ALL --- This Ratola plant comes in a pack of 3 and you may add it in any type of substrate. They are not stiff in water and the plant is sectional too so you may just take the top section off to fit in your tank. When you think it’s time to clean your little lovelies, simply take them out and rinse it under running water and wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • INEXPENSIVE AQUARIUM DECORATION --- Decorate your fishbowl, medium tank or full-blown tropical fish aquarium for a very low cost. This inexpensive artificial plant is less than thrice the price of a live plant and is the perfect long-lasting economical way to enhance your axolotl’s or koi fish’s home.
  • Item Weight: 0.704 ounces

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