SunGrow First Impressions

Beautiful piece!

I am rarely a fan of artificial aquarium decor. I have another 5 Gallon Marine and Portrait to setup. I love the knarlyness of this wood. You MUST ACCEPT that BEFORE you order any driftwood anywhere online. It even had small branches correctly located to do my mount! These are about the size of a double fist. The stone bottom helps it not float but I still had to anchor.

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SunGrow Final Thoughts

Great purchase.

I like the authenticity of these pieces. You have NO IDEA what it will look like, or how big it will actually be. Don't scrub too hard or you'll take off the color on the piece. Covered in moss for extra protection. The water was clear enough for me to use. Item was replaced in a very timely manner. Overall, if you need a few smaller pieces of wood, this should work for you.

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  • ✔ DRIED WOOD FOR SHRIMP MUNCHING --- As the dried husk of Cholla cactus, these wood pieces are a rage amongst shrimp hobbyists. Keeping the safety of your pets in mind, the cholla wood is thorn-free, has no sharp edges and gets softer the longer it stays in your tank, cage or aquarium. Apart from being a visually interesting addition, aquarists love it for its benefits.
  • ✔ HIDING SPOT FOR BABY SHRIMP --- Fish, fry and particularly adventure loving shrimp benefit greatly from the addition of SunGrow Cholla Wood pieces to their tanks. They love to swim around or camp out in intriguing, perforated wood pieces. The cholla wood is hollowed out so that baby shrimp and other smaller species have a secure hiding spot when they are feeling vulnerable.
  • ✔ LONG TERM FOOD SOURCE --- A smart choice for any conscientious pet owner, the attractive and multi-functional SunGrow Cholla Wood pieces are more than just a climber or chew toy. The healthy cholla wood also serves as a food source that lasts for years. It provides shrimps, fish, snails, and other pets with additional nutrition. Eventually, the wood will break down and disintegrate on its own.
  • ✔ HEALTHY, NUTRITIONAL CHEW TOY --- Aquatic and terrestrial pets alike enjoying chewing on the soft, nutritional cholla wood pieces from SunGrow. After they arrive and are properly quarantined, the cholla cactus husks are ready to be placed into an underwater habitat with a pleco, glo fish and shrimp or in a dry terrarium or cage for guinea pigs, chinchillas or hamsters. The wood even works as a pecking toy for pet birds like parakeets and cockatiels.
  • ✔ BEAUTIFUL AQUARIUM DECORATION --- Each 6” x 1” (15cm x 2.5cm) piece has its own knots and bends. The slightly different appearance makes them a unique and beautiful decoration for your aquarium, water decoration or a shrimp tank. PREPARATION: Before placing the product in the aquarium, rinse before use, even after boiling or soaking. A "post-boil soak" in fresh water with a bag of activated carbon is a recommended step, too.
  • Manufacture: Luffy Pets Collection

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