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Aqua glass beads.

My little guy loved these they are the perfect size for his little tank. I've read some other reviews where some other brand glow rocks hardly glowed. Large, white stones with a smooth polished surface. Otherwise works and looks wonderful. Awesome love the price and the color. I placed them in the sun and natural light and they glow bright and beautiful. I used them to display a crystal vase.

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And I'm glad I did!

They are the perfect size for my Betta tanks. To be honest I am debating ordering a third package. This is a great way to'class up' your fish tank. Awesome love the price and the color. I'm gonna order a couple more bags of these just because I know they work. I'm using them in a tank with black sand and green plants and they look very nice. I will be buying a second bag for my other tank.

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  • ✔ LUMINESCENT UNDERWATER HABITAT DECOR --- Scuba divers, castles and plastic plants are all commonly used decorations in fish tanks and aquariums. But what if you want something a little extra special in your underwater habitat? The luminescent glow-in-the-dark SunGrow aquarium pebbles are the perfect decor to add a truly unique and enchanting effect.
  • ✔ SAVE ON YOUR UTILITY BILL WITH GLOW IN THE DARK PEBBLES --- Because the SunGrow Blue Resin Pebbles do not require any electricity or power supply to light up and glow, they work wonderful as indoor and/or outdoor decor. The fluorescent landscaping stones create a charming and beautiful atmosphere in your living room, garden, backyard or pool area.
  • ✔ GLOWING EFFECT TO LAST OVER 13 YEARS --- Each one of the decorative resin pebbles is infused with a photoluminescent pigment that naturally glows a vibrant blue. These amazing light storage stones absorb light rays such as sunshine, then emits the stored light into the darkness. Reusable and long lasting, the SunGrow glowing stones have a lifespan of approximately 15 years.
  • ✔ EXOTIC ADDITION TO CREATIVE ARTWORK --- Along with being an intriguing addition to decorative fish tanks, turtle tanks and outdoor koi ponds, the blue resin stones are also quite stunning when used in original artwork. A traditional bonding material like glue can be placed directly onto the flat side of the stones so they can easily be added to fabric, cloth or canvas.
  • ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT, PET-SAFE MATERIALS --- Unlike rocks and stones from nature, the glowing aquarium pebbles are made of a durable, very lightweight resin material. The materials used to create the blue glow stones are high quality, non-toxic and friendly to pets, people and the environment.
  • The stones traveled to you in a dark, enclosed area and will need at least an hour under bright light (such as a lamp or direct sunlight) to absorb enough light energy to glow.
  • The light storage stones produce a natural glowing effect and are not to be compared to an electric light source.
  • Manufacture: Luffy Pets Collection

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